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Kirsten Kjaer Weis Honored In ELLE Magazine’s “Women Who Are Changing The World”

December 21, 2022

Waldencast Ventures is thrilled to announce that Kirsten Kjaer Weis has been named one of ELLE Canada’s “100 Women Who Are Changing The World”. Honored alongside other luminaries and world-leading figures such as Beyoncé, Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie, Kirsten received the award in recognition for her tireless commitment to sustainable beauty and improving the health of people and planet.

From humble beginnings growing up on a farm in Denmark, Kirsten built up a portfolio of clients replete with the world’s most prestigious magazines and A-List celebrities after attending the prestigious Christen Chauveau School of Artistic Makeup in Paris. During her time as an in-demand artist, Kirsten was dismayed by the scarcity of choice for both consumers and artists, who she felt had to choose between high-performance products and the health of their skin and environmental impact. This journey inspired her to create Kjaer Weis, a groundbreaking certified-organic cosmetics line, dovetailing both luxury and sustainability. With unique refillable packaging and first-of-its-kind formulas, Kirsten has been a pioneer in the field of sustainable luxury. Kirsten told ELLE Canada, “Organic, sustainable, and high performing, you can have all these things. You don’t need to compromise.”

This recognition comes in addition to many other accolades to both Kirsten and the Kjaer Weis brand name, including a recent win from ELLE Denmark, naming the brand “Best Beauty Brand” in their 2022 honors for its high performance and relentless commitment to sustainability.

Waldencast Ventures, which assumed majority ownership of the Kjaer Weis brand in 2020 would like to extend their congratulations to Kirsten, and all that have built the brand to the success it is today


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