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Waldencast launches new clinically-inspired dermatological skincare brand

November 1, 2022

Waldencast is pleased to announce the launch of [coat]s, the newest brand to join their portfolio. Responding to an increased consumer desire for science-backed, effectual and proven skincare, [coat]s is a Gen Z-focussed affordable range designed to help young consumers balance their complexions and simplify their routines.

Skincare is the largest sector within beauty, representing some 30% of the global market. Valued at more than $140 billion globally, the sector proved especially resistant during the pandemic and posted consistent and sustained growth. Consumers are taking an increasingly holistic approach to health and beauty, and seeking out science-backed products with clinical rigor, and expect results to be quantifiable and proven. The rising popularity of subject matter experts as influencers, such as cosmetic chemists, dermatologists and science communicators, further demonstrates consumer proclivity for scientific, results-driven and efficacious products.

“Almost every day in my clinic, I see patients who are potentially damaging their skin with products that were never designed for them.  I get it – we’re all constantly bombarded with trending products and they all sound great, but in reality, a lot of products are designed for skin with specific concerns, and these can end up doing more harm than good on skin that’s healthy. The key is to use products that are dermatologically tested and clinically proven to protect the skin barrier”  Dr Hugh Lyford, part of the [coat]s advisory team at the Skin Health Alliance.

[coat]s has a unique position: Powered by science. Developed by expert skin chemists. Approved by dermatologists. Trialed by TikTok. Leaning on the Skin Health Alliance, an accredited industry body of dermatologists, as well as Waldencast’s proprietary in-house expert formulation team, [coat]s launch platform will be via TikTok trial. Products will be seeded out to influencers with large and small followings, and users will be encouraged to upload their own reviews of products.

Designed for often problematic or unpredictable adolescent and twenty-something skin, [coat]s will cut through the noise of misinformation and educate young consumers about the simplicity of skincare and empower them to make better product choices. [coat]s will launch onto Amazon UK in the first instance, doubling down into digital distribution – e-commerce is the only channel projected to grow for beauty between 2019 and 2022, with sales expected to increase by a compound annual growth rate of 36 percent.

The launch line-up comprises Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, £20, Hydrating Toning Milk, £22, and Triple Moisture Water Cream, £25. This 3-step routine forms the basis of the Skinsentials range, and the cornerstone of the [coat]s simple, effective approach to skincare. Consumer trials have rated the products as following:

● 4.7* Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

● 4.7* Hydrating Toning Milk

● 4.6* Triple Moisture Water Cream

Waldencast Ventures has offices in New York and London and has an investment portfolio in North America, Europe, and Latin America.


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