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Revea Launches World-First Mobile App

August 1, 2022

Revea, a Waldencast portfolio company, has launched a groundbreaking new skin diagnosis app, dovetailing cutting-edge hyperspectral imaging technology with AI. Revea Mobile Experience puts power and control in the palm of the user, allowing them to access completely bespoke skincare solutions and tailored advice to ensure a superlative and results-driven experience every time.

Using hyperspectral imaging software and an advanced diagnostic quiz, the app will craft suggestions for the optimal routine, consisting of a day serum, night serum and moisturizer. Completely catered to the user’s unique skin profile and lifestyle, Revea will be able to offer customers a product selection and routine that fits them like a hand in a glove.

“We want to rewrite the rules of skin care,” Revea co-founder and chief executive officer Chaz Giles told Women’s Wear Daily. “The reason that’s so important for us is because the consumer has fundamentally changed, technology has fundamentally changed, but for the most part, beauty and skin care have been kind of stuck in old models of the past.”

The personalized beauty market is predicted to be worth $143.6 billion by 2023, making Revea, founded in 2019, early adopters who are well-positioned to capitalize on this boom with their proprietary technology and established presence.

All the app needs is a single selfie taken from a customer’s smartphone front camera. The hyperspectral imaging software allows Revea to extract more than 1 million data points and 40 skin health parameters. This rich data is used to create an in-depth report, detailing where the skin may need extra support, as well as routine and product suggestions. Skin texture, inflammation and lipid profiles are all scanned using Revea’s software, providing a full picture of skin health.  

Waldencast Ventures has offices in New York and London and has an investment portfolio in North America, Europe, and Latin America.


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