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The Changing Face of Makeup, or Why we Invested in Kjaer Weis

March 9, 2021

Well before “Clean” became a trend, makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis noticed that models were keen to take off beautiful make up as soon as the job was done because of uncomfortable, cloggy feel on skin and concerns over the negative impact on it’s health. She was inspired to create high performance make up products that matched luxury standards, but were crafted with carefully selected organic ingredients that look good and feel good. And Kirsten’s vision was to go even further beyond the formulation to deliver beautiful, sustainable packaging that does good for the world. An end-to-end, beautifully conscious brand, with an effortless, timeless look that perfectly fits consumers’ increasing demand for conscious consumerism and a life well lived; where performance, responsibility and transparency go hand in hand.

After years in the beauty industry, working and leading globally successful make up brands such as Maybelline and Essie, I’ve probably tried millions of make-up products, and Kjaer Weis not only made me instantly fall in love, but converted me for life because they are superb make up products. Plus a little bit more.

Kjaer Weis first caught my eye through their products. I was makeup free for 6 weeks (whilst testing many skin care routines) when I first came across the brand as I was researching clean make up. Despite not being able to find “my shade” when I first came across the products, I was intrigued because of my professional interest. As soon as my finger touched the creamy bronzer, I was in love. The smooth textures, the ease of application, and, most importantly, the feel and flattering look on my skin were so good I took a selfie to send to Michel, my business partner, and immediately stopped my makeup fasting! I loved the products, even though they were not the right shade for me, and I knew instantly we were onto something huge. I once joked with Kirsten that I loved her bronzer so much I could eat it, to which she replied the ingredients were so pure that I, in fact, could eat it. (I didn’t though as I like it better on my cheeks, eye lids, lips etc…).

As is commonly known, and as I have witnessed first-hand over the last couple of years, the ever buoyant make up market has started to slow down and even slump into decline. This makeup slow down is driven by a consumer shift away from the overproduced, so-called transformative “Instagram look” to a more natural, enhancing finish; coupled with an increase in conscious consumption, with consumers becoming more focused on both quality of ingredients and formulation, and more aware of proliferation of packaging waste .

I believe Kjaer Weis is perfectly positioned to answer this new, changing (for the better) make up world.

Firstly, Kjaer Weis offers beautifully crafted, luxury performance, naturally enhancing products that deliver through universally flattering colours, strong pigmentation and skin-like textures. The beauty of Kjaer Weis formulas is that they are packed full of skin-loving, organic ingredients, for makeup that looks and feels so good you would want to sleep in it (but please don’t).

Which leads me nicely to my second point. Kjaer Weis goes beyond looking good and feeling good, to empowering consumers to do good through a pioneering approach that merges luxury with sustainability. Kjaer Weis is defining the New Luxury, with beautiful packaging designed to keep for life, accompanied by a refresh refill system for more beauty and less waste. I must confess the slick, minimalist silver packaging, with its iconic ‘click’, is a handbag staple that I like showing off; but I like the feeling of doing good even more. I love the simple refresh system that enables me to indulge in my beauty habits, whilst doing my bit to reduce waste. But my true life changer has been the Collector’s Kit, the slickest, prettiest carry-on kit that packs all my 6 make up essentials to have on the go. So small and portable it could fit in the back packet of my slouchy jeans — although I don’t actually wear slouchy jeans, so for now it fits nicely in my cross body mini bag.

Lastly, and most importantly, what sets Kjaer Weis apart is its authenticity and founder’s pioneering vision. When I first met Kirsten, literally a week after falling in love with her products, I truly understood what attracted me to the brand.

A very strong DNA built around expertise on one hand, and a strong sense of purpose on the other. Designed to help consumers embrace a life well lived: a flattering, enhancing look, and a great feel on skin whilst contributing to making the world a bit better.

Kjaer Weis is redefining what new luxury is. Indisputable superior product performance. The finest organically harvested ingredients. Cult, yet sustainable packaging.

So, for all these reasons and more, I am very excited to be part of the Kjaer Weis journey. Partnering with Kirsten and the team to build a leading luxury make up brand that is in tune with what consumers and the world needs; conscious consumerism, without compromising on product experience.


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